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The Park

There's Nowhere Like WildSide.

Close your eyes and let us paint a picture for you. (Don’t actually close them, we need you to read this). Imagine 900 acres of untouched wilderness that feels exactly like the National Park itself. Picture unobstructed views of Pigeon Forge and Mount LeConte. See yourself riding through an old growth forest, completely in a world of your own, but somehow still close to the world you call home. That, friends, is what awaits you at WildSide.

It All Starts at Basecamp

Before you begin your adventure, you’ll head to BaseCamp to park, meet up with friends, and check-in. Don’t forget to grab any extra gear for the day at the WildSide store, and some memories for the road!

Take Off to the Bike Trails

After you’ve got your bike gear, you’re off to our network of green, blue, and black trails. All trails are thoughtfully designed, well maintained, and host to beautiful views.

Ready for Liftoff on the Jump Track

If you’re hoping to take it up a notch, our Jump Track offers 3 jump lines for thrill seekers of varying levels to fly high.

Test Your Skills on the Dual Slalom Course

Practice different trail features with our side-by-side Dual Slalom Course.

Map Out Your Own Adventure.

Explore Park Map

Bike Race | August 11, 2024

Want to cause some Mountain Mayhem?

We’re stoked to announce Mountain Mayhem, a 7-mile(ish) cross country mountain bike race held this August at WildSide.